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Track: Chad Walker – Trouble | @CHADVUITTON

Track: Chad Walker – Trouble

Track: Chad Walker – Trouble

Track: Chad Walker – Trouble

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Chad Walker’s Bio:

Chad Walker was born & raised in the borough of Queens, New York. He grew up in a small town by the name of Rosedale (known by the younger population as “Mobzdale“). Fortunately, Chad’s love for music keeps him out of trouble and focused on pursuing a career as a recording artist.

“To be honest, I learned how to sing on my own around the age seven years old & kept on singing till now. When Chris Brown released his first single, “Run It” , I was sitting home watching it on BET, I told myself I wanted to be just like him when I grew up.” – Chad Walker

At age14, Chad noticed that his voice began to change from that of a child to one of a growing young man. “I thought I sounded funny at first because I didn’t understand how I went from sounding like a little kid to a young male adult.” he says, “I started to take music seriously when my friend Quizz told me he had built his own studio around age 15. I began to fall in love with music more than I did before & knew that this career was for me.”

Chad has grown an organic fan base due in part to his Instagram and Twitter followers. After becoming comfortable with controlling his more mature vocals, he decided to let them hear him sing. His friend Quizz released his first single, “Miss Right”, which featured Chad on the hook. The song received incredible feedback and support from Chad’s growing fan base. When Chad experienced the love & support firsthand, he knew that it was this was the only career for him.


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