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Sensei OZ Releases Hella Dope Video For Aim To Amaze | @Sensei_OZ

Sensei OZ Releases Hella Dope Video For Aim To Amaze

Sensei OZ Releases Hella Dope Video For Aim To Amaze

Sensei OZ Releases Hella Dope Video For Aim To Amaze

Joshua Timothy Johnson(born October 7, 1981), known by the staged name Sensei O.Z., is an American Rapper from Pensacola, Florida. In 1994, at the age of 12, Sensei O.Z.(known as Half Ounce at the time) created the rap group Foul Play with brother Adrian “Krack” Johnson and cousin Jermaine “Maine Thickah” Williams. A year later, close friend Kefim “K slimm” Robinson joined the group.

In 1996, after performing at the B.T. Washington High Talent show, the group met producer Jerome “Perion” Hunter. Perion produced many of Foul Play earlier music while teaching them about the music industry. In 1998, Foul Play purchase recording equipment and built a studio called “the Chop Shop” so they can compose and record their own music. Sensei O.Z.’s brother Damien “8  Measures” Johnson produced most of the music. In April of 2000, during his senior year of high school, Foul Play released their debut album “Black Market”. The success of the album gave the group city-wide exposure and respect as one of the most talented rap groups in the region.

In 2003, Foul Play released their 2nd project Guild of Assassins “The Danger Zone Compilation”. It featured rappers from the “Foul Play Camp” that includes: Wick Will, Theoplis, Lil Snyper, Pee Wee(R.I.P), C.B.J., 50 Plus(R.I.P) and ILL Trill Neil. Between 2003-2005, the group opened up for artists such as Trina, Lil Boosie, Lil Flip, Ying Yang Twinz, Bizzy Bone, Dirty and 8ball & MJG.  In 2005, the group released their 3rd project called “Foul Play Underground”. Sensei O.Z. spent over a year in Atlanta, Ga promoting the project and learning more about the music business. In returning back to Pensacola, Sensei O.Z. decided to start a solo career as an artist and songwriter in addition to being in a group. In 2007, Sensei O.Z. released the mixtape Mr. O.Z. “Speak The Real Volume 1” hosted by Shawty the comedian, where he moved over 10,000 copies throughout the state of Florida and Mobile, Al.

In March 2009, Sensei O.Z. relocated to Atlanta to continue his solo career in a larger market. In 2011, along with 8 Measures, they created Stackrifice DJ’s where they would host and DJ house parties & other events. While DJing, Sensei O.Z. would perform and sell his original music to the audience. 8 Measures & Sensei O.Z. also began filming and directing their own music videos such as “Stay So Shobb”, “Down For The Cause”, “D.2.I. Dress To Impress”, “Southern Originals” and “The Foul Play Cypher”. Sensei O.Z. is currently promoting his debut solo album “Vacation” which includes the singles “Paper” featuring Pastor Troy and “Looking Good(Ooh You)”  featuring Da Hawg and recently shot the video for his song “Aim To Amaze”.


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