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Sonny Minder Drops Heat On The Magnum Negotium Theory | @sonnyminder

Sonny Minder Drops Heat On The Magnum Negotium Theory

Sonny Minder Drops Heat On The Magnum Negotium Theory

Sonny Minder Drops Heat On The Magnum Negotium Theory

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Sonny’s Bio:
Philadelphia is known as “The City of Brotherly Love”. It doesn’t seem that way when you’re growing up around drugs, violence, and poverty. The world’s view is completed different to the real world view that Sonny Minder was accustomed to. Hailing from The Richard Allen Projects in North Philadelphia, the 27 year old artist and label owner began his love for music at 4 years old. His mother and aunts are who he credits for his love of music. “Oldies” were played all day and night at home. But he found his taste of hip hop music in the mix of it all. Some of his musical influences include The Temptations, James Brown, Jay-Z, The Notorious B.I.G., Jadakiss, and Kanye West.
For Sonny, inspiration can come from anywhere. Primarily experiences he’s encountered and situations he’s been through. He’s very observant and writes about a lot of things going on around him. “Writing and creating music thats relatable to others has always been a good feeling,” he says. “Knowing I can touch people with my music is very inspiring,”.
If he wasn’t making music, he’d probably be very involved in corporate America.

The transition for him becoming a fan of hip hop came when he purchased his first cd, Biggie Smalls’ ‘Ready to Die’. Since then, he has become influenced by some of music’s greatest minds. In 2009, he started his own record label, Alpha Boy Musik, in order to release his own projects, sign and work with other artists, and move at his own pace while remaining creative and free from pressure of a major label. Recently, he released his latest project, “The Magnum Negotium Theory” (Magnum Negotium means “big business” in latin). He worked with other indie artists from Philadelphia on the project, including Vixion Allure (of Disturbing Daisy), FreshBoi, So Bueno, Franchise, Thee! General, and Saw Real.

Sonny says, “My upcoming plans are to perform as much as possible, travel a lot doing shows and promo in other cities and building the label’s brand up in the process. As a musician and label owner, I hope to be able to reach people on a more personable level, help independent artists, help my city, and give back to the community”. He has had opportunities to perform at Cohesive Collection and Voltage Lounge in Philadelphia, and in NYC at the SCMC in 2014. He has big plans for himself and Alpha Boy Musik as a brand.


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