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Rapper Nasheed Releases So Cold Featuring Quaraan | @sheed1616

Rapper Nasheed Realeases So Cold Featuring Quaraan

Rapper Nasheed Releases So Cold Featuring Quaraan

Rapper Nasheed Releases So Cold Featuring Quaraan

Nasheed’s Bio:
Hailing from Trenton, NJ, just miles away from Philadelphia, PA, 26 year old hip hop artist Nasheed grew up a city with the second highest murder rate in the United States. A place where people have a lot of talent, but it doesn’t get noticed due to the crime that cast a dark shadow over the city. There isn’t a lot of opportunity in the city of Trenton and Nasheed hopes to change this.

Nasheed was introduced to music at age 11. His parents were always up on the most current music which is how he was introduced to so many different genres of music. He credits is love of music to some of the greatest artists of all time; Andre 3000, Prince, Kanye West, and John Legend. But music hasn’t always been on his mind 100% of the time. Basketball has always been very close to him. If he wasn’t making music, he states he’d see himself as a basketball coach.

The creative process for Nasheed comes from a real place that most can relate to. “Being able to write music that so many different people can relate to, it makes it seems as if I am speaking directly to them and they’re listening,” he says. His love for music is what drives him as a musician. To not have to work a 9-5, to reach people, and for his music to be a mental escape for him would be a dream come true that he is on the journey toward making it a reality.

Having performed at Cohesive Collection and Voltage Lounge, Nasheed is making strides to release is latest project, “Pardon My Back” with guest appearances by Sonny Minder, Young Jazz and Quarran. Lots of hard work and stress has went into the project, which is sure to make his mixtape one to watch for. This is just the beginning for Trenton’s very own Nasheed.

Click The Link Below To Hear The Record:

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