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Artist Demien Tha Demon Talks Music With Rap Mania | @Demienthademon

Artist Demien Tha Demon Talks Music With Rap Mania

Artist Demien Tha Demon Talks Music With Rap Mania

Artist Demien Tha Demon Talks Music With Rap Mania

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1. Demien Tha Demon you are and artist and a producer. What got you into both crafts?
I started doing  poetry  in my eerily 20’s and  I even wrote few songs… what got  me stared?
I don’t even member because  I was always into arts, playing music, keyboard at early age. 
it came natural for me  . 
2. Demien Tha Demon do you you feel that your music is good and how will your music help others? 
beauty is in eye of  the beholder and art can be ugly or pretty , I  try  to experiment a lot with different music pattern all over the place , I like my music so  its good, if someone  those not  then   its not your cup of tea. if  I get mix review then that’s ok classic albums are rare however I feel very confident in presenting my music to mainstream public. maybe I’m ahead of my time but  happy doing something new and refreshing . 
3. Demien Tha Demon tell us about your latest project and where do you feel it fits in the music marketplace?
 right now I believe I have something unique going on with my  sound, some rappers might want them as rap beats so then I have  hip hop going on.. other then  that I’m influenced both electric music and heavy dreams and base you find in hip hop as well as starching , 808 ticks and train sounds. my music falls in experimental category.
4. Demien Tha Demon what is the concept behind you new project and breakdown the style and feel of the project? 
my project is anything go’s ,  I make instrumentals and  I have fun doing it … I’ll work on  something  when feel inspiration then send my instrumentals out for artist to hear.
5. Demien Tha Demon where do you see yourself in 10 years?
Im sure anymore but hope I’m at Atlantic Records. I like work for big label
6. Give out any shout outs that you want to give?
I’m a internet artist proven that  you can make it  in music from  the click of  the mouse . I’m going to  first give shout out to the person got me this interview ,Kareem Williams . also Id  like  to give  a shout out to everyone I networked with online . also  I’m give shout out to  celebrities  and companies … the tupac heliogram,  zoe kravitz because she’s a celebrity child who actually makes good music.   also shout to all record labels I listen to, Atlantic ,Epic, and list go’s on.  a shout out to all my twitter followers . I also have to  give  a shout to tara Thomas agency who got a music placement in realty show coming soon  , they a big helping hand. last I have give shout out to my home state of Michigan .

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