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New Exclusive Interview With Drupy Fli Music | @drupyflimusik @Taytay36

New Exclusive Interview With Drupy Fli Music

New Exclusive Interview With Drupy Fli Music

New Exclusive Interview With Drupy Fli Music

My familial nickname was Drupy since birth. I used to do graffiti and breakdance and that was the moniker I used. When I decided to start rapping I just used that as my stage name. I released 3 albums under Drupy. When I decided to start  my own production company and label I added the Fli Musik as way to market and promote my label better; ‘because every time you say my name you say my labels name too!
I’ve me releasing material since 2003, I had a developmental deal wit Def Jam in the early 2000’s, when the started Def Jam South. I turned that down to finish college. I tried out and got selected for Puff Daddy‘s and MTV “Making The Band” series but felt that I was destined to be a solo artist. Around this time I had friends with deals and never got released or got dropped and had to start all over. I decided to take the opportunity even before the music industry fully embraced digital music to sign up with ITunes ad digitally distribute my music. The rest is history. I’ve worked with Kanye West, Manny Fresh, Fred Durst of Limp Bizkit, Chancellor Warhol and currently, I’m working on a record called FM3:Te End of Dayz with Hall of Fame band Lynyrd Skynyrd keyboardist, artist and producer Peter Keys
I don’t think there is anything new under the sun. But I bring a new creativity and insight to seeing where music is heading and I’m an artist in a genre full of copycats that’s not afraid to push the envelop and try new sounds, musicality, flows and textures.
My style is a mix of that Bad Boy Mase, Biggie and Puff era flash, mixed with the creativity of Kane West and the lyricism of Nas. Also, I have songs that cross over into other formats though grounded in rap and hip-hop. The stuff with Fred Durst and entire FM2: Pop World album showcases my musical diversity ad willingness to take chances musically. 
My new single is called “SoulMate” produced by my in-house producer Replay ad is available to view on DrupyflimusikVEVO and Itunes. It was the first song that we wrote produced and published together and  felt like it represents where DFM is currently, musically. It was inspired by my most recent relationship. The girl I was dating at the time always had doubts about dating a musician and the sacrifices it takes to maintain love in that context. I always tried to reassure her that she was the 1 even in the non-physical sense after nearly  6 years together. She set the bar. I wanted her and other people feeling the way I was feeling to know and have a vehicle to express those thoughts.
I’m working on 4 projects currently. The first is my EP, TIME which will be coming in fall 2014 ad is supported by singles like “Soulmate” and teaser singles like “Red Room/BlueRoom” “Drop Dead Gorgeous’ (remix) w/ Kanye West (recorded in 2004)  and “Hype” ft. Ice Cold Jay(TMCD). I’m executive producing Fli Gang’s own DJ Cevan’s debut project FLI GANG w/ singles “YSL” featuring ST 2 Lettaz and summer anthem “It Go Down” produced by Drake producer Sykes Sense (“Draft Day”). Thirdly, I’m executive producing Tanya Ali’s debut album “Split Decision”. She will be the greatest female rapper of all time and of the best to ever do it, period. I’m also completing the Peter Keys produced album called FM3: The End Of Dayz.
I don’t love anything about the entertainment industry at all. I love meeting other creative people and having an outlet to express my art. I love business too. Being able to take  a idea ad make it tangible I love the idea of that.
New Exclusive Interview With Drupy Fli Music

New Exclusive Interview With Drupy Fli Music


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