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Pop Singer Anjali- We Turn Up Featuring French Montana | @anjaliworld @FrencHMonTanA

Pop Singer Anjali- We Turn Up Featuring French Montana

Pop Singer Anjali- We Turn Up Featuring French Montana

Pop Singer Anjali- We Turn Up Featuring French Montana

Anjali’s Bio:

Anjali Ranadive is a young Indian-American Pop, R&B, & International music recording artist/songwriter from the Bay Area. Her passion for music comes from her mother’s musical talent, which influenced her to begin singing as a child. Her work ethic and dedication to her craft comes from her father who came from India to the U.S. to attend M.I.T. Anjali began practicing her vocals daily, emulating her favorite artists and making YouTube covers when she became a young adult. Anjali’s unique sound was developed over time after she studied the music of a diverse group of artist including Aaliyah, Tupac, Lauryn Hill, and TLC.

Anjali earned her Bachelor of Science degree in Marine Ecology from the University of California, Berkeley. While in school, Anjali continued to perfect her craft as a recording artist; she would sing national anthems at NBA games, along with opening up for recording artist including; Trey Songz, Indian pop sensation Raghav, and the New Boyz. Anjali is currently working with the Astroknotts; Super Dave and Drew da beast a production duo on her first debut solo album. She recently released her first single, “We Turn Up” featuring French Montana. The production used in “We Turn Up” allows Anjali to embrace her Indian Heritage by incorporating modern Bollywood sounds with R&B/Pop melodies.  Upon the release of her first single, Anjali joined Nick Cannon’s ‘Ncredible Entertainment’ record label.

In addition to singing, Anjali has a passion for the ocean. She co-founded Jaws & Paws; a non-profit for endangered species. Anjali also enjoys drawing and painting and recently opened an online clothing store. The online store consists of clothes and accessories with Anjali’s artwork on them. Proceeds from the online store sales will go to Jaws & Paws. Anjali is very passionate about her work and plans to use her music, artwork, and non-profit to influence young adults worldwide to care more about the environment and Philanthropy.

Check Out The We Turn Up Record By Clicking The Link Below:

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