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UK Artist Yung Kaz Goes Hard In Video For 2308 | @YungKazOnline @talkboutitmedia

UK Artist Yung Kaz Goes Hard In Video For 2308

UK Artist Yung Kaz Goes Hard In Video For 2308

UK Artist Yung Kaz Goes Hard In Video For 2308

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Yung Kaz Bio

Yung Kaz was born and raised in England, with the combination of St. Vincent, Scottish and Portuguese all rapped in one. He grew up with his mom being the head of the household, doing everything for his sisters and older brother. His uncles were father figures for them due to his own father was absent from the family. He began his love for music around the age of 7 because his aunt was a member of the local choir. At the age of 9, he learned how to play the trombone and piano.

Yung Kaz attended Birmingham City University where he studied sound engineering and business. It was ironic because this choice in his life brought him back into contact with his cousin DJ Twist, who was part of a collective named Play Ent, which was known at the time, as one of the Best UK Funky House teams. Yung Kaz meet another individual named Big Man Zest, who very well respected within the UK Funky House scene. By having connecting with these “movers” and “shakers”, Yung Kaz would attend DJ Twist and Big Man Zest’s bookings at Uni events which opened the opportunity for him to get booked, perform and represent Birmingham University at parties/events. 

A few years later, he started to become well known for the ‘slow jams’ he had recorded and released out into the public. He got great recognition from UK DJs and other artists within the European market. With this “new found image” and music he was so good at doing, he came into contact with other UK artists that had great success; one of them being Tzy. Yung Kaz and Tzy became some would say best friends. Tzy had a completely different sound compared to Yung Kaz but Tzy showed Yung Kaz ‘love’ nun the less with taking his team named then named as PUK at the time on the Wretch 32 ‘Black and White” tour with him and gave Yung Kaz the chance to perform on every show. Yung Kaz did a full UK national tour which was an excellent experience and allowed his fan base to grow tremendously. 

Since being on tour & continuing to graft and work hard Yung Kaz had the opportunity to perform in many countries, such as America, Switzerland, Belgium, Tunisia, Amsterdam and Italy amongst others as well as every major city within the UK. He blossomed so much over the years with living between the USA and UK, traveling back and forth, networking and making moves within his music career. He has even done what a lot of artists don’t do which is, taking his fans out for ‘supporters days’.

The last ‘slow jam’ song Yung Kaz released before re-branding himself and changing his sound, which he believes the music industry is missing was entitled ‘Take A Risk’ . This song featured a female emcee who goes under the name ‘Paigey Cakey’, the song got good feedback because it was released in perfect timing after Yung Kaz song entitled ‘Tryna Breathe’. It made the UK industry take Yung Kaz ‘R&B capabilities very seriously’.

After rebranding himself and changing his sound Yung Kaz found a producer who is also an engineer. Yung Kaz always uses ‘Apex House’ who goes under the name ‘The Cxde’, this producer pushed Yung Kaz into ‘singing rap” and finding a sound and melody that suits Yung Kaz tone in his voice. The first song Yung Kaz released under this “new sound” and image was entitled ‘Talk To Me’ this song got tremendous feedback and recognition, even with his major USA connects became very interested in Yung Kaz and his career. 


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