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(New Exclusive Interview) Webcam Model Brianna Frost Gets Real With Kareem Williams

(New Exclusive Interview) Webcam Model Brianna Frost Gets Real With Kareem Williams

Webcam Model Brianna Frost



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i call myself an ”adult” web cam model because i do adult things on web cam. the difference between an adult web cam model and porn star is i don’t engage in sexual acts with numerous people or have a film/production crew. the worst i have done on camera is have sex with my ex boyfriend of 5 years but i still wouldn’t refer to myself as a porn star because a lot of my friends have sex with their boyfriends/husbands and camera and porn star is the last thing i would call them. thats like calling kim kardashian or paris hilton porn stars lol with all due respect
im not judgmental and i think porn stars are awesome but i just dont factually think i am one.
i got into web cam modeling in college. i was in a shitty situation living with an abusive ex and i needed to get out of that situation asap. i didnt have a car so i couldnt go out to a club and strip so i stripped online and made a lot of money VERY fast.
the pro’s about being a web cam model is definitely the money and the fact that i can be safe, comfortable in my own house while i work and make my own hours.
the cons about being a web cam model are people judging you and thinking you’re a ”slut.” im not one to care about what people think about me anymore but when i was 19 and hearing horrible mean cruel comments from others about what i did, i took it to heart and it made me feel very bad.
my website is something that i have always wanted to do. the difference between my website is its simple, reliable, easy to navigate and its cheap! $25 a month to sign up and see all of my professional pictures/web cam sets, b/g videos, stripping videos, and masturbating videos from the last 6 YEARS!
my website is very important to me however it IS a business and i am labeled a business owner so i pay A LOT in taxes which is never fun.
being on howard stern was a very fun experience. i did so many amazing things when i was younger and now that i am getting older my priorities have changed a little bit.
miss howard tv is a representation of howard stern and his show segments and she basically films a segment introducing whats going to be shown on howard tv for the month. i remember i was in the studio from 6 am until 6 pm it was such a looooong day but i STILL 6 years later have people telling me they loved me on the show so its very flattering they still remember.
there are only pros of doing miss howard tv never any cons.
reality tv was the best experience of my life! i traveled to london, got paid to film for a month, met some amazing girls and got to watch myself on tv every week.
a con on being on reality tv is the producers can edit the material any which way they please. they can make you look very good or make you look very bad. even if you are being yourself good old technology always has a way of changing things up
i have NEVER had an orgasm with a dick (excuse my language) before. men can please me with their tongues though. some men are great at it and some men aren’t  just depends. you definitely have to practice at something to be good at it.
the craziest place i have had sex would be on a golf course. i would love to have sex in public places more however i have gotten caught by the police before which was to say a rather embarrassing and horrifying experience so now i like to have sex in my bed at home
my favorite sexual position is doggy or missionary. i either want to make out with you and look into your eyes when your inside of me or i want you to pound me hard smack my ass and take control.
i think women are beautiful and i love looking at naked beautiful women and experiencing them however a woman cant please me like a man can.
the porn industry is a multi million dollar industry; its economy proof i like to say. if i wasnt so shy (i really am when it comes to who i have sex with; im picky) i would be a porn star and probably be very successful and good at it but i dont think its in my path for my future. i have thought about doing it numerous times though and have gotten some great offers.
being a business owner is great but its stressful time consuming and costly. i have thought about shutting my web site down numerous times so i can just take a breather and re evaluate my life and goals
right now in my life i am getting into fitness modeling and competing so we will see where that leads me. i just competed 3 weeks ago in chicago at the iron man 2013 fitness and physique competition and i will be competing again in ohio in march 2014 at the arnold amateur fitness and body building show
i have no idea. i don’t like to plan ahead; i like to take one day at a time 🙂

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