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(New Exclusive Interview) Arizona Rapper Mr. Miranda Is On Fire “@mistermiranda83”

(New Exclusive Interview) Arizona Rapper Mr. Miranda Is On Fire

Arizona Rapper Mr. Miranda


We had the opportunity to interview Arizona Rapper Mr. Miranda today. Mr. Miranda is an artist out of Arizona that is making moves like crazy. He dropped a single this week called “Do You Still” that was picked up by blogs should as Thisis50, VLadTV , Hot New Hip Hop and other countless top hip hop blogs. Once I seen this I had to get an exclusive interview with this guy. I mean anyone that comes out the gate firing off like that has my full attention.  Before we get into this exclusive interview.  I want you to check out this song “Do You Still” which in my eye’s is golden age hip hop.

Mr. Miranda New Single Do You Still

Exclusive Written Interview With Arizona Rapper Mr. Miranda
 I’ve been rapping since age 12 and actually recorded my first street tape then also, Miranda is my last name so that’s where that came about
The concept is just me speaking to God, my mother, and to everyone who supports me and has been down since day one. It is me speaking directly to them and addressing certain concerns I have had personally and just looking to see if they’re still on my side and get some reassurance.
I’m a mothaf**kin hustler, you better ask somebody LOL nah man I’m just a guy who loves hip hop and still believes in real music and supports the culture. I’m from East Phoenix, AZ and still reside there.
 I love to work out, watch movies, and read, book I’m reading now is called “The Black Hand” and it’s about Boxer Enriquez who was one of the main guys that started the Mexican Mafia, pretty intense haha
Sure am, we are working on the concept for it, it’s a deep record so the visuals need to reflect the lyrics and bring it all to life, my homie Michael Cardoza is gonna be shooting it, that man has a great eye.
Yes I am born and raised from here, the hip hop scene has evolved over the years, we have had some nice successful moments and it is just building more and more. I am also apart of a group out here called Writers Guild which consists of myself, Random aka Mega Ran, RoQ’y Tyraid, and MC Pennywise with Slopfunkdust as our DJ
That’s the homie right there, shouts to Jaz-O for real, we met back in 2007 at my mixtape release party, my homie Speek Greene and I collabed on a tape called “The Wonderful World of Mr. Miranda” and Speek was Jaz’s DJ so he brought him out for the launch party and we just clicked. I reached out to him about getting on this record for an album i did with my friend Jimmy Nelson called “Let’s Get On With The Music” and told him I had a joint in mind called “The Game Plan”and he was wit it so we made it happen. Shouts to my fam DJ Madd Rich for doing the cuts on the hook, learned alot from Jaz, especially about some untold Jay-Z stories that I will leave offline lol but he’s the homie fosho
I can speak it but not at all fluently so I don’t rap in spanish but I definitely wouldn’t mind tapping into that market at all, I actually have a song I recently recorded titled “Mexicans Can Rap” and it’s pretty much proving that just cause you’re a Hispanic emcee doesn’t mean you’re a Chicano rapper who only performs at Lowrider Car Shows, basically proving we can rap our ass off and hang with any race, atleast I can LOL
My uncle Mario Mendivil is an incredible bass guitarist and he is the one who really inspired me to pursue music cause as a kid I used to see him playing his guitar in his room and his passion for the art truly made me want to do the same. He is the one who recorded my first tape at age 12 also.
That’s such a hard question lol but I would have to say Nas, Common, Pac, Joe Budden, and Phonte for now, those aren’t my all time top 5 but just off the top of my head because I truly listen to them on a daily basis
The internet is such a great tool for networking, you just have to know how to utilize it the right way. I mean look, it got me this interview with you right? *gives invisible hi-five* haha but yes the internet is great for independent artists but it’s also important to get out and greet people as well and not just be an internet rapper. I feel hip hop right now is definitely going back to the roots of it all but still having a sound for the future and not just in the golden era.
You can get my music on and when i get it back workin it will be but for now soundcloud is good, I’m on bandcamp as well just type in Mr. Miranda, you can interact with me on twitter @mistermiranda83 and!!!



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