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(New Exclusive Interview) Toronto Artist Jakob22 New Interview





(New Exclusive Interview)

1.  Jakob22 you are a rapper form Toronto Canada. What made you start rapping and how is the music scene in Canada?


Jakob22 has been rapping for years when it was just what you did  in the local neighborhood.

It’s just now  with the power of the internet you don’t need to grovel to the labels  to make music.

The scene in Toronto is great musically but not anywhere businesswise. I have said Toronto might have some Jay Z’s and Lil Waynes but have no Damon Dash’s and Baby to stand behind them. So as a rapper you have to be the rapper manager promoter. It holds the actually industry down. But with Kardi, Drake, The Weekend  etc it’s getting  better around the world.

Very much so the issue started in the late 90’s when being the best MC doesn’t matter but being the most sold. True lyricism has different meanings  of when the words you speak actually matter. Tupac is a lyricist Chino XL is a lyricist but different vibes of lyricism.  Now it’s all over produced music where the rapper  doesn’t matter.

No. I believe that new guys don’t have the same respect for the art and the culture of it and are brought up on 50 Cent about the hustle.  Being the best rapper don’t matter. That’s why when you have a guy that can rap they stand out. I believe it’s time that older cats no longer need to quit when they hit an age. We can now be like Rock.

Being from Toronto  a pro is we have allot of government support to try and do music. Con is we don’t support ourselves. Have no real radio station for local hip hop And so close to NY it’s hard to form your own scene like the UK does

New artists. Love Joey Badass he’s a real lyricist from another space and time.
Krizz Kaliko He’s one of the best artists I’ve ever heard

The video is basically ongoing story between Jakob22 and The Hooded Fang. They are 2 separate entities in the same body. So it’s really just a psycho analysis of The Hooded Fang was born from Jakob22

There are multiple reasons for wearing the mask. The mask symbolizes the lack of an image and just a faceless rapper. Jakob22 is looking to be judged on his music and not who he is. We work with people who don’t know who’s behind the mask just to work on the strength of the project and not whether we like or hate each other

Con is that people put you in category of a gimmick allot. Some can’t hear behind what they see. Aswell you get compared to anyone who’s ever wore a mask.

Jakob22 just released the 3rd installment of his debut project “Dreamstate” The 3rd was very conceptual in telling a continual story in a journey of Jakob22

Next we are planning a few themed mixtapes that we will drop before the next album

Hear the beat vibe to the beat to decide the flow and what inspires.  Make sure the track is written and memorized before going to studio I don’t write in the studio unless I have too.  Then record it best I can. Take it home listen to it and decide if any changes are needed.

The internet is the greatest thing to happen to artists but one of the worst to happen to the industry. There is now no barrier between you and your fans. But now anyone can be an artist releasing material It’s hard to tell pro from amateur And now it’s very difficult to monetize an artist for a label.


Labels will be around but in different format. They will be forming more partnerships with established artists. New artists getting found and signed by a label are gone. It’s the Cash Money blueprint Strange Music Blueprint. Really going indie You form your own label create your own buzz until a bigger label wants to partner with you.

Mission statement is just to keep making music and having fun with this. Music isn’t my career it’s my passion.  It’s my love. In the next 5 years I see myself with a nice cult following of supporters  Doing Shows releasing  music.  Allot of collaborations It’s about making classic hip hop music. The culture and what I provide to that is much more important from what I get in the industry.


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