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(New Exclusive Interview) South London Rapper Jae Boogz Spits The Real

(New Exclusive Interview) South London Rapper Jae Boogz Spits The Real

South London Rapper Jae Boogz


 I Have Been doing Music all my life just gone through the different stages from a listener, to a studier, to a writer and now to a recording artist. Music speaks my language, ive got different songs i listen to depending on my mood, so music plays a big part emotionally in my life. My Father and my uncle were Dj’s so it rans in my blood i suppose.
The scene in south london has potential to be international but not enough opportunity and exposure for uk rappers. I think the benefits of being a rapper in the uk are none unless you try to go commercial and make Pop music. Most Uk Rappers that have a serious passion for music and want to make it big, have their hearts set on USA.
 I dont believe theirs much difference apart from obviously place and accent. I believe a buzz in The U.S.A is much more affective and more widely exposed due to U.S.A. being the Home of Hip-Hop and much bigger than the Uk. The Music bares similarities but U.S.A. have more creative artist’s its seems.
Im currently working on my 3rd Mixtape, no title as yet but will drop before 2014. My 3 artists would be Jay-z (lol) Kendrick Lamar and Drake. (tough decision)
The Song “On The Road” basically was created for the female crowd. KP (@Kpmusicofficial) heard the beat came up with a concept and a chorus and Myself and Risko got to writing the verses. My Verse is about meeting a new girl and telling her all the stuff she wants to hear. I compliment her and tell her we can go anywhere in the world.
I like to socialize and spend time with family and friends, Drink, smoke, hit the club, catch a movie, work out at the gym and plan my next move. Im always planning.
Yes The majority of artists are independent in the uk due to labels not investing enough money in artist’s and their projects also they are not giving artist’s full creative control. You have so many different outlets to push your music through now its possible to become successful as an independent artist. Im not looking for a Major record deal in particular but for the right amount i would consider it. At the moment i believe i need promotion to get my music heard on a international scale.
“S/O TO THE HATERS” is a song by 2 artist’s in my team Timer (@Timez_Money) & Dipz (@OfficialDipz_CS). The Songs Just basically addressing the fact that we got nothing but love for a hater at the same time of saying the movement cant be stopped.
 I dont have a celeb crush just yet But i think Nicki Minaj cool.
My mission is for my name to be up there with the greatest to do it before me. My Team and I have no limit and wont stop til we get there.
In 5 years i feel i would have acheived alot in my music career, and become a established household brand name. My Goal is to travel to USA and make it happen out there and tour the world to put on shows that are unforgetable.

Much Love for the opportunity to do this interview with you so early on in my musical journey and its been my pleasure answering these questions. Peace 1 Love

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