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(New Exclusive Interview) Desana Moses Talks About Being A World Star Hip Hop Eye Candy Chick

Desana Moses Talks About Being A World Star Hip Hop Eye Candy Chick

It was a great experience and enjoyed the people on set! I think the pros and cons might be working long hours and keeping up as far as the pros you get exposure and meet new ppl

I’ve been modeling 3 years! I like modeling because its fun and up lifts your confidence

Basically  just dancing and giving exposure to other eye candy models

Really never been in a crazy situation it’s always been great times long hours lol

I like all hip hop artists but mostly I like real music


6. Desana Moses a lot of models deal with rappers. Who is your celebrity crush and would you date them if you had the change?

Yes a lot do! Although I don’t really have a crush on anyone … I do think some rappers cute u know !!

7. Desana Moses what are 3 major turn on’s for you and what are 3 major turn off’s for you?

Turn ins I’d say keeping yourself clean , entertaining me the right way and having things in common 3 things I don’t like is if u press issues a lot, are annoying , and don’t have manners!

Both have to have confidence , they both require time and dedication and also you have to work hard to play hard. I think the difference between the 2 are one is more revealing than other

I believe it will hurt u in ur future and just embrace what god gave you… It might help u now but ur future is more important

I believe u should work hard play hard and always have confidence in yourself …. For more advice follow my twitter @desana88 and I see my self opening up my Day Spa 2014-2015 thank you !! Go get my posters at

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