Famous Make Up Artist Brandilyn Snail Talks Life In The Entertainment Industry

Make Up Artist Brandilyn Snail
I had the opportunity to do a written interview with a very famous make up artist by the name of Brandilyn Snail from California. She has worked with people like Wiz Khalifa, Sydney Leathers and Farrah Abraham. I enjoy showcasing people that are doing big this and this is a chick that is making it happen.
1. Brandi you are a celebrity Make Up artist. Who are some of your clients and how did you get into doing make up for the stars?
In 2010, I was just graduated from Esthetics school when I got an opportunity to do makeup for the cover of Metropolis Nights Magazine on Farrah Abraham. That was my first big step into the industry. After that day I knew this is what I wanted to do, I just enjoyed being on set and watching my work on the cover of a magazine. I now have had the opportunity to work with many celebrities such as, Angelina Pivarnick, January Gessert, Caligula aka Cali Stylz, Wiz Khalifa, Ryan Ramirez, Sydney Leathers, and many more.
2. Brandi tell us a little bit about you. Where are you from, what do you do for fun and what are 3 of your dislikes?
My name is Brandilyn Snail, I am 19 years old and from Palmdale, California. I am engaged to my high school sweetheart. For fun I like to spend time with my dogs and fiancé. I also enjoy going to the beach and hanging out with friends.
3. Brandi your work can be seen in Music Videos, Television, Print, Theatres and Photo shoots. How does that make you feel emotionally and did you ever think you would be in the position that you are in?
My work isn’t in theatres yet.
I have always known that I wanted to be a makeup artist since I was a little girl just because I was brought up in the beauty industry. Being able to see my work all over the media makes me feel proud that at such a young age I have accomplished so much and this is just the beginning of my career. I can honestly say I enjoy being a makeup artist.
4. Brandi breakdown all of your services and why would a person need that service for you?
I am an Esthetician as well as a makeup artist. I offer many services from makeup to lashes to waxing and hair extensions. I specialize in HD Makeup Application as well as Lash extensions. People come to me for these services because they want to look their best as well as help their skin during the process. All products I use are hypoallergenic and organic.

5. Brandi what are the pro’s and con’s of being a make up artist in the entertainment industry?
I have only good things to say about being a makeup artist in the entertainment industry. I love being able to create all different looks for all different faces. I enjoy being on set as well as meeting all these wonderful people. I love to challenge myself with each look that I create.
6. Brandi you have a large tattoo on your back. What is that tattoo, how many tattoo’s do you have and what does your tattoo’s mean to you?
The Tattoo on my back is my way of remembering my grandmother who passed away from Breast Cancer. I have 7 tattoos all together, I have my dogs names because well I love my dogs. I have my last name “Snail” as well as a rose which is a cover up. I also have the state CA with a star on my hometown. On my pinky I have a matching tattoo with my best friend.
7. Brandi what advise would you give to an up and coming make up artist and what was one of your biggest learning experiences in the beginning of your career?
My advice for an up and coming makeup artist is to never stop learning your craft, and always push yourself to be the best you can be. Never give up on your dream.
8. Brandi who is the funniest celebrity you worked with, who is the most serious celebrity you have worked with and who was your less favorite celebrity to work with?
I have had a great time working with all the clients I’ve worked with.
9. Brandi can you break down women make up versus men’s make up along with with are the differences between the two?
There is really no difference to me. It just all depends on each persons face and what look you are trying to achieve. The only difference would be the products used to compliment each face.
10. What other business ventures do you have coming down the pipeline, what is your mission statement and where do you see your brand and career in the next 5 yrs? 
As of right now I am just trying to get into the union and eventually work on movies. In the next 5 years I see myself in the credits as a Makeup Artist in the hit movie of that year.
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(New Exclusive Interview) Arizona Rapper Mr. Miranda Is On Fire “@mistermiranda83”

(New Exclusive Interview) Arizona Rapper Mr. Miranda Is On Fire

Arizona Rapper Mr. Miranda


We had the opportunity to interview Arizona Rapper Mr. Miranda today. Mr. Miranda is an artist out of Arizona that is making moves like crazy. He dropped a single this week called “Do You Still” that was picked up by blogs should as Thisis50, VLadTV , Hot New Hip Hop and other countless top hip hop blogs. Once I seen this I had to get an exclusive interview with this guy. I mean anyone that comes out the gate firing off like that has my full attention.  Before we get into this exclusive interview.  I want you to check out this song “Do You Still” which in my eye’s is golden age hip hop.

Mr. Miranda New Single Do You Still

Exclusive Written Interview With Arizona Rapper Mr. Miranda
 I’ve been rapping since age 12 and actually recorded my first street tape then also, Miranda is my last name so that’s where that came about
The concept is just me speaking to God, my mother, and to everyone who supports me and has been down since day one. It is me speaking directly to them and addressing certain concerns I have had personally and just looking to see if they’re still on my side and get some reassurance.
I’m a mothaf**kin hustler, you better ask somebody LOL nah man I’m just a guy who loves hip hop and still believes in real music and supports the culture. I’m from East Phoenix, AZ and still reside there.
 I love to work out, watch movies, and read, book I’m reading now is called “The Black Hand” and it’s about Boxer Enriquez who was one of the main guys that started the Mexican Mafia, pretty intense haha
Sure am, we are working on the concept for it, it’s a deep record so the visuals need to reflect the lyrics and bring it all to life, my homie Michael Cardoza is gonna be shooting it, that man has a great eye.
Yes I am born and raised from here, the hip hop scene has evolved over the years, we have had some nice successful moments and it is just building more and more. I am also apart of a group out here called Writers Guild which consists of myself, Random aka Mega Ran, RoQ’y Tyraid, and MC Pennywise with Slopfunkdust as our DJ
That’s the homie right there, shouts to Jaz-O for real, we met back in 2007 at my mixtape release party, my homie Speek Greene and I collabed on a tape called “The Wonderful World of Mr. Miranda” and Speek was Jaz’s DJ so he brought him out for the launch party and we just clicked. I reached out to him about getting on this record for an album i did with my friend Jimmy Nelson called “Let’s Get On With The Music” and told him I had a joint in mind called “The Game Plan”and he was wit it so we made it happen. Shouts to my fam DJ Madd Rich for doing the cuts on the hook, learned alot from Jaz, especially about some untold Jay-Z stories that I will leave offline lol but he’s the homie fosho
I can speak it but not at all fluently so I don’t rap in spanish but I definitely wouldn’t mind tapping into that market at all, I actually have a song I recently recorded titled “Mexicans Can Rap” and it’s pretty much proving that just cause you’re a Hispanic emcee doesn’t mean you’re a Chicano rapper who only performs at Lowrider Car Shows, basically proving we can rap our ass off and hang with any race, atleast I can LOL
My uncle Mario Mendivil is an incredible bass guitarist and he is the one who really inspired me to pursue music cause as a kid I used to see him playing his guitar in his room and his passion for the art truly made me want to do the same. He is the one who recorded my first tape at age 12 also.
That’s such a hard question lol but I would have to say Nas, Common, Pac, Joe Budden, and Phonte for now, those aren’t my all time top 5 but just off the top of my head because I truly listen to them on a daily basis
The internet is such a great tool for networking, you just have to know how to utilize it the right way. I mean look, it got me this interview with you right? *gives invisible hi-five* haha but yes the internet is great for independent artists but it’s also important to get out and greet people as well and not just be an internet rapper. I feel hip hop right now is definitely going back to the roots of it all but still having a sound for the future and not just in the golden era.
You can get my music on soundcloud.com/mrmiranda and when i get it back workin it will be www.MisterMiranda.com but for now soundcloud is good, I’m on bandcamp as well just type in Mr. Miranda, you can interact with me on twitter @mistermiranda83 and facebook.com/mistermiranda83!!!


(New Exclusive Interview) South London Rapper Jae Boogz Spits The Real

(New Exclusive Interview) South London Rapper Jae Boogz Spits The Real

South London Rapper Jae Boogz


 I Have Been doing Music all my life just gone through the different stages from a listener, to a studier, to a writer and now to a recording artist. Music speaks my language, ive got different songs i listen to depending on my mood, so music plays a big part emotionally in my life. My Father and my uncle were Dj’s so it rans in my blood i suppose.
The scene in south london has potential to be international but not enough opportunity and exposure for uk rappers. I think the benefits of being a rapper in the uk are none unless you try to go commercial and make Pop music. Most Uk Rappers that have a serious passion for music and want to make it big, have their hearts set on USA.
 I dont believe theirs much difference apart from obviously place and accent. I believe a buzz in The U.S.A is much more affective and more widely exposed due to U.S.A. being the Home of Hip-Hop and much bigger than the Uk. The Music bares similarities but U.S.A. have more creative artist’s its seems.
Im currently working on my 3rd Mixtape, no title as yet but will drop before 2014. My 3 artists would be Jay-z (lol) Kendrick Lamar and Drake. (tough decision)
The Song “On The Road” basically was created for the female crowd. KP (@Kpmusicofficial) heard the beat came up with a concept and a chorus and Myself and Risko got to writing the verses. My Verse is about meeting a new girl and telling her all the stuff she wants to hear. I compliment her and tell her we can go anywhere in the world.
I like to socialize and spend time with family and friends, Drink, smoke, hit the club, catch a movie, work out at the gym and plan my next move. Im always planning.
Yes The majority of artists are independent in the uk due to labels not investing enough money in artist’s and their projects also they are not giving artist’s full creative control. You have so many different outlets to push your music through now its possible to become successful as an independent artist. Im not looking for a Major record deal in particular but for the right amount i would consider it. At the moment i believe i need promotion to get my music heard on a international scale.
“S/O TO THE HATERS” is a song by 2 artist’s in my team Timer (@Timez_Money) & Dipz (@OfficialDipz_CS). The Songs Just basically addressing the fact that we got nothing but love for a hater at the same time of saying the movement cant be stopped.
 I dont have a celeb crush just yet But i think Nicki Minaj cool.
My mission is for my name to be up there with the greatest to do it before me. My Team and I have no limit and wont stop til we get there.
In 5 years i feel i would have acheived alot in my music career, and become a established household brand name. My Goal is to travel to USA and make it happen out there and tour the world to put on shows that are unforgetable.

Much Love for the opportunity to do this interview with you so early on in my musical journey and its been my pleasure answering these questions. Peace 1 Love

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(New Exclusive Interview) Toronto Artist Jakob22 New Interview





(New Exclusive Interview)

1.  Jakob22 you are a rapper form Toronto Canada. What made you start rapping and how is the music scene in Canada?


Jakob22 has been rapping for years when it was just what you did  in the local neighborhood.

It’s just now  with the power of the internet you don’t need to grovel to the labels  to make music.

The scene in Toronto is great musically but not anywhere businesswise. I have said Toronto might have some Jay Z’s and Lil Waynes but have no Damon Dash’s and Baby to stand behind them. So as a rapper you have to be the rapper manager promoter. It holds the actually industry down. But with Kardi, Drake, The Weekend  etc it’s getting  better around the world.

Very much so the issue started in the late 90’s when being the best MC doesn’t matter but being the most sold. True lyricism has different meanings  of when the words you speak actually matter. Tupac is a lyricist Chino XL is a lyricist but different vibes of lyricism.  Now it’s all over produced music where the rapper  doesn’t matter.

No. I believe that new guys don’t have the same respect for the art and the culture of it and are brought up on 50 Cent about the hustle.  Being the best rapper don’t matter. That’s why when you have a guy that can rap they stand out. I believe it’s time that older cats no longer need to quit when they hit an age. We can now be like Rock.

Being from Toronto  a pro is we have allot of government support to try and do music. Con is we don’t support ourselves. Have no real radio station for local hip hop And so close to NY it’s hard to form your own scene like the UK does

New artists. Love Joey Badass he’s a real lyricist from another space and time.
Krizz Kaliko He’s one of the best artists I’ve ever heard

The video is basically ongoing story between Jakob22 and The Hooded Fang. They are 2 separate entities in the same body. So it’s really just a psycho analysis of The Hooded Fang was born from Jakob22

There are multiple reasons for wearing the mask. The mask symbolizes the lack of an image and just a faceless rapper. Jakob22 is looking to be judged on his music and not who he is. We work with people who don’t know who’s behind the mask just to work on the strength of the project and not whether we like or hate each other

Con is that people put you in category of a gimmick allot. Some can’t hear behind what they see. Aswell you get compared to anyone who’s ever wore a mask.

Jakob22 just released the 3rd installment of his debut project “Dreamstate” The 3rd was very conceptual in telling a continual story in a journey of Jakob22

Next we are planning a few themed mixtapes that we will drop before the next album

Hear the beat vibe to the beat to decide the flow and what inspires.  Make sure the track is written and memorized before going to studio I don’t write in the studio unless I have too.  Then record it best I can. Take it home listen to it and decide if any changes are needed.

The internet is the greatest thing to happen to artists but one of the worst to happen to the industry. There is now no barrier between you and your fans. But now anyone can be an artist releasing material It’s hard to tell pro from amateur And now it’s very difficult to monetize an artist for a label.


Labels will be around but in different format. They will be forming more partnerships with established artists. New artists getting found and signed by a label are gone. It’s the Cash Money blueprint Strange Music Blueprint. Really going indie You form your own label create your own buzz until a bigger label wants to partner with you.

Mission statement is just to keep making music and having fun with this. Music isn’t my career it’s my passion.  It’s my love. In the next 5 years I see myself with a nice cult following of supporters  Doing Shows releasing  music.  Allot of collaborations It’s about making classic hip hop music. The culture and what I provide to that is much more important from what I get in the industry.

(New Exclusive Interview) Desana Moses Talks About Being A World Star Hip Hop Eye Candy Chick

Desana Moses Talks About Being A World Star Hip Hop Eye Candy Chick

It was a great experience and enjoyed the people on set! I think the pros and cons might be working long hours and keeping up as far as the pros you get exposure and meet new ppl

I’ve been modeling 3 years! I like modeling because its fun and up lifts your confidence

Basically  just dancing and giving exposure to other eye candy models

Really never been in a crazy situation it’s always been great times long hours lol

I like all hip hop artists but mostly I like real music


6. Desana Moses a lot of models deal with rappers. Who is your celebrity crush and would you date them if you had the change?

Yes a lot do! Although I don’t really have a crush on anyone … I do think some rappers cute u know !!

7. Desana Moses what are 3 major turn on’s for you and what are 3 major turn off’s for you?

Turn ins I’d say keeping yourself clean , entertaining me the right way and having things in common 3 things I don’t like is if u press issues a lot, are annoying , and don’t have manners!

Both have to have confidence , they both require time and dedication and also you have to work hard to play hard. I think the difference between the 2 are one is more revealing than other

I believe it will hurt u in ur future and just embrace what god gave you… It might help u now but ur future is more important

I believe u should work hard play hard and always have confidence in yourself …. For more advice follow my twitter @desana88 and I see my self opening up my Day Spa 2014-2015 thank you !! Go get my posters at www.desanamoses.com

(New Music) Philly Rapper Lefty- I’m Missing You Featuring Chill Moody and Rugaz

Philly Rapper Lefty- I’m Missing You Featuring Chill Moody and Rugaz Produced By DCee

I'm Missing You Photo


Lefty decided to take it back home to Philadelphia with this new release called I’m Missing You featuring Follow Philly Rappers Chill Moody and Rugaz Produced by Philly’s own DCee. This is a song that the ladies will be thankful for. Click the play button to hear I’m Missing You and make sure you comment how you really feel about this certified banger. This is the 4 single off the My Views album which you can get for FREE on Dat Piff. Link is below
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