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(New Exclusive Interview) Arizona Rapper Jrueh Talks About His Start

(New Exclusive Interview) Arizona Rapper Jrueh Talks About His Start
Arizona Rapper Jrueh
It took me awhile to find the right “sound” for myself. When I first began I was so focused on trying to be like or similar to a few artists already in the industry. My lyrics and concepts were still my own, still me, but voice and delivery wise I was back and forth between sounding hype like a Meek Mill or mono toned like a Drake. Finally I soul searched and found myself to the point where I was able to realize I have to sound like ME, voice and delivery has to be ME. So now I have my music sounding the way it needs to, unique and MY music.
That’s easily one of my favorites I have done and was one I vented deeply on  so I’m glad that’s the reaction that you received from it. Life here in AZ was a good one, I’ve had my share of struggles, hardships, but in the end I know I was able to live a blessed life. Both parents are two of the hardest working individuals I’ve ever met and have always supported myself and other siblings 110%, so that there is a blessing in itself. With that being said when I began doing this music I knew I had to work, worked hard my whole life especially when it’s came to something meaning as much as this does to me, so when they saw me taking this as serious as I am now they were more on board than they were in the beginning stages, but I’ve had their support through this whole journey.
 I’ve always been around music, growing up on road trips my dad would be bumping the oldies, we’d listen to Stevie Wonder on the way to games, or just drive around and listen to Pac, Biggie, LL,  the list is limitless honestly. So being around it just always made me know I wanted to have music in my life, wasn’t till around 17 that I knew I could actually be pretty good though. I’d sit in class writing 16’s with a chorus instead of the chemistry assignment, I’d freestyle at events with friends, then 18 came around, my plans altered and I was able to start recording some stuff, and here I am now slowly but surely making moves. The biggest reason I do music is because it’s the easiest way to express you and just “let it all out”. I hope to impact the industry positively with my sounds, just allowing people to enjoy life, to love it, to understand that the struggles going to be there but in the end life is still a beautiful thing. I have those songs talking about parties, and women, and smoking, and all of that, some would say certain topics are played out or sound mainstream but to me it’s my life, every song I try to tell a story, my music is my life through lyricism and head bobbin beats.
 Growing as a mixed child was a mission and at times then and even now as a young man still is. You get looked at as the only black kid in your classroom or those funny looks in public when walking with your white mother. It could be/can be rough at times but then again I don’t mind it, I was able to see both sides of society, the good the bad, the well put together neighborhoods or the ran down blocks, all of that and being mixed has allowed me to attain a better understanding of life in general and created a wiser mind. A pro to it with music is I’ll be able to speak to a diverse audience because in most cases I’ve been in their situation, a con, some will still see me as too dark for the white kids or too light for the black, nonetheless I’m doing me, making music any of us can enjoy, hopefully any race will respect that, see the music and not the color or mixed breed DNA.
Funk it All was another one of my favorites to have written and record. At the time I was going through a lot, some minor court issues from messing up as a young adult, to not seeing my pops in a while, to my mom stressing over bills, it’s all in that song. My main focus was to vent but more so to let people know, hey all of this is happening, all this nonsense is occurring in life, but at the end you’re still here, still moving. That to me is the key, we all will constantly be hit by tribulations but at the end you still are you, whether it’s this music for me, a sport for them, or the books for all the people on that education grind. You have to understand that struggle is a part of life, but we push through it, and keep doing us till we get what we’re setting out to achieve. The saying goes “Without struggle, there is no success” and that’s one of the many things I live by. The song helped me through a rough spot and others said it helped them as well so I guess we got something here.
No videos just yet, in the process of talking with a few people and getting my financial situation set up to fund myself but I have many ideas for them on various songs such as “To whom it May Concern” and a few older ones on my last mix. The videos will come though, in my eyes everything’s slowly falling into place, so I just have to keep pushing and make it happen.
Met Kareem and right away knew that this guy is all about business which is what I needed. Too many people in this industry aren’t straight forward and from the get go I saw him as legit. Our lunch was good, talked about what I need to do now, in the future and basically was coached up to understand this game better. He told me he’s a worker, that’s all he knows and I’m the same way so I look forward to keeping in contact with him as well as proving myself as a go getter.
My favorite three artists, Kendrick Lamar, he’s the truth. His movement is an inspiration proving you don’t have to speak on money and women and drugs to get in this game, from the beginning I’ve strived to speak the truth, my life through song and seeing him do it gave motivation, showed me real hip hop can still be created. Another would have to be J.Cole, again speaking on truths, and like me he is mixed. I like his storytelling, his concepts… Cole’s too nice in my book. No order on any of these but I’ll end it with LL, I remember just chillin with my pops bumpin Cool J and thinkin this dude is cooold, “Im Bad”  is probably the first track I ever really memorized fully, by age 6 or 7, pop had me on all of that original hip hop music.
Again nothing yet on the market but as I said everything is slowly being pieced together, I’m working behind the scenes basically because no ones really seeing the moves made but pretty soon it will all just flood out, literally. Shirts, Jerseys, Hats, CD’s, all coming soon, just bear with me.

Next 5 years, I’ll be 25..the goal’s to keep grinding it out these next two and blow up by 23, honestly. In my mind I’m ahead of all of these other “rappers” in due time my moment will be ran down because unlike everyone else I’m chasing my chances, moments, opportunities, dreams. Not waiting for them.


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