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(New Exclusive Interview) Anna Taught You Talks Music and Video Production

(New Exclusive Interview) Anna Taught You Talks Music and Video Production
Anna Taught You Talks Music and Video Production
I had the change to interview Anna Taught You. She is one of the hottest female rappers within the Northeast region of the United States Of America. Trust me when I tell you that, this 20 year old girl is going to kill the rap game. The game has not seen anything like this at all. So grab a bag of M&M’s, a glass of water and a bag of popcorn. Because this is a read that you will have to read 3 times. Let the reading beginning !
I actually wasn’t in school for video production. I just took one video production class as an elective in high school because I have loved film since before I could remember. Ever since I was a baby I would be filming and taking photos of everything I could. I would bring my camcorder in the car and film the people and sceneries driving around Boston since before I was even in double digits. So far yea I have shot my videos, I haven’t had an official video for my single come out yet though, we are working on it and it’s going to be directed and produced professionally.
I think a lot of independent artists are coming out with really good quality videos, some that are directed and produced professionally and some are even done by the artist themselves. It’s amazing what you can do with just a camera and a computer. DJ Rhiannon, Lil Debbie, Brooke Candy all have cool videos, I was just talking about Brooke Candy’s videos the other day, they are so unique and she even just tweeted recently that she spent only 200 dollars on her video for Das Me. That’s pretty amazing and shows that if you get creative you can do just about anything, the video turned out dope too! The pros of being interested in video production and rapping is I can have a say in the production of the video and actually know what I am talking about, I feel like its easier to communicate with a team if you know a little background of what you are working on. I think its cool to have interest in all different creative fields, that’s why it feels better to be called an artist, not just a musician or a rapper.
I started out doing videos for others before I started rapping. As soon as I started doing more music for myself I kind of stopped filming and producing videos for others because I was so busy, I really want to start that up again. I edit all types of videos for people, but I enjoy music videos the most. I recently just got back Los Angeles where I met up with ChucBTheKid who did a song with me and will be going back there in December – January and we will be working on more music, including doing a video for our song we have together called I Run Shit. The hip hop scene is alright here, but I know if I want to make it really big I will need to continue figuring out my plans on moving to LA by next year.
HAHA! No, this was not a serious band. We started this when we were ten. it was me, my cousin and my best friend. We didn’t do any actual recording. We just wrote songs and performed them in front of our family singing into hairbrushes while jumping around trying to dance like TLC.
Anna Taught You Talks Music and Video Production: Part 2
I don’t really like being referred to as a “white rapper” because you wouldn’t refer to someone as a “black rapper” or a “Spanish rapper” I don’t know, I guess its not a big deal because Its who I am, I just never have liked titles or being boxed in. Also I always get compared to the same people on twitter and YouTube daily. Kreayshawn, Lil Debbie, and Kitty Pryde, so people always box the “white” rappers in together and compare them, which isn’t always a bad thing, I don’t get upset I’m being compared to other female rappers that are dope, its just more difficult to constantly be compared to other white artists. If anything people should compare me to artist because of flow or lyrics, not just color you know?
As far as pros go I think its just bring something different to the game. It is rare to see a white female rapper so it intrigues people and you will either love it or hate it. I have been told multiple times by other young white girls on twitter that I influence them to make music, so it’s a great feeling knowing that I’m having a slight difference on breaking down that barrier. My first ever white female artists that I looked up to was everyone in White Girl Mob, Kreayshawn, Lil Debbie, and VNasty. It’s funny because I actually got compared to Kreayshawn before I knew who she was. I was free styling in the backseat of a car and my friend’s boyfriend was like “Wow you are a mini Kreayshawn.” I was like “who’s that?” then she turned into someone I actually looked up to a lot. I looked up to them because they just didn’t give a fuck, they didn’t let color get in the way of doing what they wanted and that’s what I looked up to.
All my followers started coming after I made a video on YouTube for my high school video production class called “The trick to being skinny.” It’s a contradictory video but a lot of people didn’t underhand that, which I don’t get because its so obvious and in the description but it got 10,000 views in the first week. Most people loved it, but others despised it. I still get people fighting on the comments to that video al the time. Then I started making other videos like Shit Nicki Minaj says, Shit Kreayshawn Says, and other little movies, so it started slowly growing from there, but it really took off when I started rapping. I’m extremely interactive with my fans, I tweet back as many as I can and once in a while Ill got through my DMs and reply to as many as I can. It’s a great feeling to have the power to make people so happy by simply typing them a few words. If you have the ability to make people that happy by taking five seconds out of your day, why not right? I wouldn’t use the word customers because I have nothing for sale, they do always ask when I am going to be on iTunes so I’m sure they would be! I also get asked how much I charge for features a lot, I have never charged anyone for a feature and I’ve never had to pay for a feature. Even though I could use it, I’m really not about the money like that.
Its amazing being popular on twitter, but there are so many cons to it. I communicate as much as possibly but there are times where I cant reply to all my DMs and sometimes they get really mad, madder than you would think. Just today someone threatened to kill me because I never replied. Also, people like to hate on twitter a lot, the more success you have the more haters it drags in. I have had a good amount of troll accounts dedicated to me, its funny though because they never have much to say besides the fact that I’m white so I’m just like, okay tell me something I don’t know. I only have a personal Facebook not a music Facebook and I don’t accept anyone I don’t know on Facebook anymore so that’s just personal for me. I tell the same crazy fan story to everyone. I was driving to pick my friends Haylee and Jess up to go get frozen yogurt when a guy started chasing me in his car to catch up to my window, he was tailgating me so of course I started going faster to get away, I didn’t know what was going on. He kept driving insane to catch up to me, finally he made it up to my window because I got caught at a red light and he started screaming my name saying he knew me from online. Before I could even react, I got pulled over by a cop for driving recklessly. When the cop asked what happened and I told him I was being chased for being popular on the internet he looked at me like I was on drugs, then he asked for my license and of course, I didn’t have it on me.
I am working on my mix tape now called “Survived Being Criticized” we have about half the songs finished. About half of them are solo songs and about half will be collaborations with people like ChucBTheKid, Rebel, Riplez, JoJo, and possibly a few bigger names that I don’t want to mention until that’s set and stone.
I have actually never done a show before. I know that will be starting very soon though. The music scene is cool here but I still want to move to Los Angeles by next year, I have been traveling back and forth but I know its time to move there.
My goal is to influence others while bringing diversity into a field that can be very close-minded at times. I want to prove you don’t have to have a certain look to do what you have a passion for. I hope to spread positivity at the same time as being there for the people that feel like no one is.
I really don’t know where I see myself in 5 years; you never know what tomorrow could bring. As long as I’m successful in whatever I’m doing and I’m happy, that’s perfect.
Anna Taught You Talks Music and Video Production
Anna Taught You With Her favorite Rapper Kreayshawn
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