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(New Exclusive Interview) Arizona Rapper Neglect Talks About His Music Career

Arizona Rapper Neglect Talks About His Music Career

 Arizona Rapper Neglect

Yesterday I had the opportunity to do a written interview with one of the most talented artist coming out of the Phoenix Arizona Valley. Arizona Rapper Neglect is on fire right now, just blazing the streets with his new video “Twat It Down” (If you have not heard or seen this video then click here right now)  this kid has been on every major hip hop website from Thisis50 to VladTV. So with that said, I had to get with him to shoot the shit for a bit. Trust me when I tell you, this is going to be a written interview to remember for a long time.

1.Arizona Rapper Neglect, you were born and raised in Arizona. Has living in the Valley helped or hurt your music career, in your eye’s what are the pro’s and con’s of being a rapper from Arizona and who are some of the people you have worked with, within the Arizona marketplace?

I actually was born and raised in California I moved out to Arizona about 4 years ago because my dad got a better job here. Living in the Valley definitely has its pros and cons especially the fact that the music scene here is not very big. I have worked with a lot of local artist such as Futuristic, LV  Sharp, Yellow and a lot more.
I believe I don’t look like Justin Bieber I feel I have my own look. My music is totally different then his music especially the fact I am not a singer but a rapper. I am very original and only going to grow as an artist throughout my career.
I started writing music around the age 13. Instead of doing my class work sometimes in middle school I would write verses or poetry usually when I was feeling a opinionated about something. I started rapping cause I just love the way it felt, I connected to it more then a lot of things I did. Music really hit me hard as a kid and made me the person I am today.
I have opened for many artist such as French Montana, Rick Rock, Baby Bash, Kid Ink, Problem, Joe Budden and many more. Its Definitely a great experience to perform with these artist I learn so much and gain a lot of knowledge to the point where I’m ready to headline shows of my own.
Yes I named the mix tape “November”
Because I feel that it is the birth of me and my career, just as I was born on November 7 1993. I want people to feel who I am and the sound I bring so music produced on the tape has no specific concept it’s a little if every style there is out there to do. It’s a very well rounded mix tape with features on it such as futuristic and LV Sharp. It’s defiantly going to be one of the biggest mix tapes of the year especially due to the fact that all music was created from scratch and very original.
The concept of the video was a brainstorm of a lot of people. I Definitely didn’t want it to be in a strip club or anything like that, I wanted it to be something different. I only see pros for doing a video like this it’s just something fun and I wanted something that was different to hear and see. I am Definitely not afraid to jump out the box,  it’s either people like it or not.
It feels really good to see my video being picked up by these major websites I am very thankful for that. With the help of Kareem Williams aka Lefty a rap artist who has helped me build a good connection with these websites and my manager Edwin Lobos who really knows how to market me very well.
CEO an Founder of Sin$ of Life entertainment Edwin Lobos reached out to me about a year ago in 2012 about starting a label and asked me if I would like to be apart of it and make our dreams and goals come true. Before I know it Sin$ has grown to become a very well know Independent label in Arizona. Me andEdwin Lobos have been together from the beginning of it all and he defiantly is a hard working person that is why he is my manager today. We definitely are a good team together.
As of right now i am the only signed artist to the label. It is a big team of a lot of smart and hard working people there is so many people with the team. The future goals for Sin$ from what I see is that it’s Definitely building it’s own path to success and there is a lot planned for the future people are just going to haft to wait and see !
I really have a lot of thing I do for hobbies, some if the main ones I do is dancing, skating, and drawing I love to learn new things everyday and become very good at those things. If you go to one of my shows I Definitely will show the fact I dance and give one of the best shows you have ever seen that is my promise.
Some major artist I would love to work

With is Chris Brown, Justin Timberlake, B.O.B, Drake, Tyga, Kid Ink, Problem there is just so many. I do have plans to work with these artist and I am very excited to do so. Be ready for when I do because the music is going to be a new sound to the game.

Arizona Rapper Neglect

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