K.Foxx From The Gossip Game New Exclusive Interview

K.Foxx From The Gossip Game New Exclusive Interview
K.Foxx Interview
1. K. Foxx you grow up in the big apple and you attended the Professional Performing Arts School. What are three things you learned in that environment that has helped you become the superstar that you are today?
Am I a superstar? Thank you! 1st thing I learned is that you have to nurture your talent. You must be around what you love to do and allow that environment to help you grow .
Second thing I learned is to never take yourself to seriously, you have to be able to laugh at yourself.
And the third thing is discipline. Anything in the entertainment business takes work and there is no blue print plan, so you must practice discipline to stay on track with your goals.
 2. K. Foxx you have been doing radio sense college. What made you get into radio and what would you say are the pro’s and con’s of being a radio personally?
I love music. I am passionate about it. Music has power and it’s a universal language. Sense  I can’t sing I said I have to be apart of this movement someway somehow!
The pros? I’ve met colorful characters in my life and I work around some of the most entertaining people.
I’ve gotten to meet some of my favorite artist, and Attend some really cool events. Plus I wake up in the morning and I get paid to be me, unapologetically.
Cons? Dealing with insecure people that don’t understand your struggle.
Also having to face the reality that radio is not the ONLY place to get exclusive music, content and interviews anymore. People have so many options these days and we are competing with them.
3. K. Foxx a lot of artist want to get their song played on the radio. Can you please breakdown the key elements that have to be in place for a person to get their song played and can you please breakdown a radio friendly song and all the elements that come in making that type of music?
That’s a loaded question. But it’s not just one way to get your record played anymore. MySpace maybe dated but it was a way for a lot of Independent artist to get discovered, Also YouTube Allows you to show case your talent and possibly have a major, or Independent labels look at you.
For this day and age the key to a “radio friendly” song is if you have a hook and a melodic beat. But that’s just the begging .
4. K. Foxx you are on the new hit Reality T.V. show the gossip game. What made you say yes to doing the show and what do you feel the show will do for your brand and your career?
I hesitated at first first because I was so use to living my life behind the mic and I felt safe. Then I thought, there Are young women that want to get into this business and they have no idea where to start. That’s when I said its time to tell my story.
5. Now K. Foxx in one of the episodes, one of the cast members put together a interview with you and Angela Lee that you did not know about until you showed up. What did you learn for that situation, how did that make you feel and what would it take for both radio stations to get along as rivals?
I learned that you can’t trust everyone, and this is a very competitive market. We can get along off the court, but while we are playing the game, we are in it to win it.
6. K. Foxx you and Ebro are co-workers and he is your boss as well. In one of the episodes he made a remark that did not set well with you at all on air. What did you learn for that situation, if Ebro was not your boss would the out come be different and what can those type of comments do to your career if they are not jumped on quickly?
Yes this put me in a very awkward situation. When someone belittles you I the work place,  boss or not, you have got to nip it in the bud right away! That’s why I handled it the way that I did. I’m sure there Are women that have faced these challenges as well but could not stand up to their boss for whatever reason. I wanted to be that voice they could not find at that time, or if it happens to someone in the future, I want to be that voice they have to find to defend themselves. That should not be tolerated.
 7. Now K. Foxx, now that you are on Reality T.V. and people are now seeing you every week. You are getting more fame. What other business ventures are you looking into and what other arenas do you want to jump into before its all said and done?
I am developing my own jewelry line as we speak. I am also a correspondent for EXTRA, and I have always been actively involved  in giving back, with my K. Foxx princess project and my non profit organization  “Dream in Kolor” geared towards the arts for children.
 8. K. Foxx you also have a blog which ishttp://kfoxx.com. Tell us about your blog and also tell us how can an unsigned artist get you to post a story on them or their music?
Yes I do! It’s mainly the top entertainment stories of the day and a lot of interviews that are exclusive for HOT97. As far as unsigned artist they can email me at contactkfoxx@gmail.com. But please make sure this is your best stuff because the 1st impression is the most important.  Also, here are all of my social networks
Twitter: @kayfoxx
Instagram: @therealkfoxx
K.Foxx From The Gossip Game