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Lil Wayne Released From Hospital

ImageLil Wayne, who was hospitalized following a series of severe seizures, reportedly has been released according to several sources (many of whom are friends or affiliated with the rapper). Mack Maine (whoever this is) tweeted, “@LilTunechi has been released and is headed home…God is great” on Monday evening. TMZ also cited several sources that stated Lil Wayne is “feeling weak but he’s a lot better” and plans are to “lay low until he makes a full recovery.” Lil Wayne previously spent six days in ICU (intensive care unit) from allegedly overdosing on Sizzurp (cough syrup).

However, Birdman denies that the dangerous cough syrup concoction was the cause. “It had nothing to do with drugs,” Birdman told Angie Martinez on Hot 97 Monday afternoon. Birdman attributes the seizure to Lil Wayne’s work schedule saying, “he just needs to rest, relax and take it one day at a time.”

Birdman also emphatically denies reports that said Lil Wayne was in a medical-induced coma and was being prepared for his last rites. “He was never in that kind of situation throughout the whole few days we’ve been in the hospital. He never been about to die,” says Birdman. “We got family and kids. When you putting out false rumors like that, you can really damage families like that, fear them and have them feared.”


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