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Ciara Wants To Move On From Rihanna Beef; Instagram Post May Escalate

Ciara thought the beef was over between Rihanna and herself; however, there’s still a subtle jab now & again.  It seems as if Ciara is ready to move on but RiRi (and her crew) may still be harboring feelings of contempt. “I’m not going at it with anybody,” Ciara  states. “There’s never been still going at it for me. I’ve always thought that everything was cool ’cause I actually remember seeing Rihanna two years ago at the Met Gala after we had the little small back and forth. And from what I recall, everything was cool.”

ImageThe latest spar happened when RiRi’s best friend Melissa Forde posted a pic on her Instagram of her and Rihanna watching Ciara’s acapella version of her new single “Body Party.” Melissa then tweeted the picture with the caption “#BodyParty (bathroom acapella version) #London.”

Full story can be read here: 


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