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Jay-Z Puts A Whole New Spin On the Roaring 20’s


Jay-Z Puts A Whole New Spin On the Roaring 20’s

Hot Off The Presses!!

One of the greatest plays known to man has been The Great Gatsby, many have imitated, re-created, and have tried to put it in as many media forms as possible. What happens when you place the greatest play ever written with one of the most influential and powerful men in the industry? You have collaboration that most would call “the blending of two centuries.” You have young  Jay-Z, Samuel of the Bullitts, and such great academy recognized names as Leonardo DiCaprio, Carey Mulligan and the “spiderman” himself Toby Maguire, its sure to be all that Samuel has tweeted it’s going to be.  You won’t hear a lot of JAY-Z’s, but you will be able to hear him in it. Such a brilliant mind of Music of the “New World,” comes together with a grand play from the “roaring 20’s.”

Here’s the Trailer, judge the sneak peak for yourself!


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