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Kendrick Lamar Raises Eyebrows With His Newest Video

Kendrick Lamar Raises Eyebrows With His Newest Video

Kendrick Lamar

When someone wants to make you feel a certain kind of way, they will do what they can to touch your spirit and your soul, and sometimes, especially now days, that only takes a series of pictures and images. You see an image of an ultrasound, you think babies, watching a guy flirting with a girl who’s reciprocating that attention and you think of young love. Kendrick Lamar, has once again delivered on his ability to make you feel with his images, touch you and make you feel what he wants you to in his latest project, Poetic Justice. The video is haunting as its ending follows suit to many of his predecessors, and in turn has raised questions as well as eyebrows. Just as with his other projects, you are able to take your own feelings from his lyrics and Poetic Justice is no exception with his carefully crafted words which are fueled by the strong yet subtle symbols. There are millions of theories and speculations as to why this video ends the way it does. Sometimes an artist has a message or a reason behind images you wouldn’t normally pick up. Like the man who is standing against the crowd with the words “Just Begun” on his back. Many won’t catch it at first, but there’s a pretty good chance that K-Dot had a powerful reason for it. Kendrick Lamar definitely has brought attention to the release, but many ask if it’s the right kind of attention….

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Kendrick Lamar 


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