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C-Murder Will Likely Die In Prison After Appeal Rejection


C-Murder, aka Chris Miller, the brother of Master P and former fiance of R&B singer Monica, tried for the last time to get his conviction of a sixteen year-old fan’s slaying overturned, but it proved futile. US News is reporting C-Murder’s legal team argued that the murder conviction should be thrown out because federal juries are required to come to a unanimous decision when deliberating.


Since the jury voted 10-2 in favor of conviction, the former No Limit soldier’s lawyers said he shouldn’t have been convicted in the first place. Though a solid argument, Louisiana, the state where the case was tried, is one of the two states that allows for non-unanimous convictions.

C-Murder was convicted and sentenced to life in prison in 2009 for fatally shooting teenage fan Steve Thomas in a nightclub back in 2002. This isn’t the first appeal filed by the rapper. He filed an appeal in the state of Louisiana in 2011, but the conviction remained. He later filed an appeal with the Supreme Court which slowed the ruling on the case some time last year.




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