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Where in the world is Robert DeLong


Behind every great artist on the mic This man has started just like the rest of us, from posting things on soundcloud and learning and growing with each submission. And his dreams now have come true. He is now one of MTV’s MustWatch Artists and has sat down at the tables at the Glassnote offices and concreted his place among so many he watched and learned from. The beats are faster, but the concept and creation is identical, listen and watch your crowds, you react from their reaction. Dreams have slowly become reality for this young man, and with the title of one of MTV’s Artists to Watch, the challenges and doors hes fantasized about opening, venues hes always wanted to play and groups of people he’s aimed to play for, are even more of a reality. Make your crowd react to you, gain your following by showing them a good time. Make em move, the genre of which its done is custom to the musician, but the need for delivering a good time is never genre specific. An artist wants you to like what youre hearing, move to his music and make a difference. Many people wouldnt figure him to be the creative mastermind that he is, but there is no denying the grand abilities this man has. Not Hip Hop, but Dance, Electronic Dance Music. Genre differences but no where is there any sign of a passion difference.


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