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2 Arrests Made In Connection With Hadiya Pendleton’s Murder


Young Hadiya Pendleton life was taken too soon. Hadiya is known for, not leading her high school’s band performance during President’s Obama’s second inauguration but for tragically being caught in the crossfire between two rival gangs in Chicago’s Harsh Park a week after that performance (she was tragically killed on January 29th).


As reported from, according to Chicago Police Department (CPD) they have been targeting the SUWU gang; which the gang took their name from Lil Wayne’s song “Promise” and contains about 40 members. CPD stated two men have been arrested for the Hadiya’s murder: Michael Ward and Kenneth Williams. CPD believes the SUWU gang was feuding with members of a gang called 4-6 Terror

Michael Ward, 18, is charged with being the trigger man in Hadiya Pendleton’s murder, while Williams, 20, allegedly acted as the getaway driver.

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