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Mobb Deep Patch Up Old Beefs, Reunite For Tour

ImageAfter a series of weird conflicts, 90’s rap staples Mobb Deep appear to have hashed things out and return from their indefinite hiatus with a scheduled return at Paid Dues Festival 2013. In addition, the duo will begin a 20th Anniversary tour.

The 20th anniversary tour will begin a year after Havoc’s infamous Twitter diatribe on Prodigy shocked Hip-Hop at large last April. Havoc categorically denied being behind the inflammatory tweets (Twitter hackers), took a picture with Prodigy at a Knicks game and then later told media he wrote the original tweets

Havoc told us while he admits Twitter was “the wrong thing to do at the time” the defaming claims were truthful. Some of those claims included Prodigy engaging in homosexual activity while incarcerated and being overall “fake.”

There is no word on any planned album releases or recording sessions, but the duo has mounds of classic material to perform.

Will you attend the Mobb Deep 20th Anniversary Tour?




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