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French Montana: Knocks Sanctuary Out Of The Park

French Montana: Knocks Sanctuary Out Of The Park

French Montana

In this post today i am going to talk about how French Montana knocked his song Sanctuary out of the park. The first time I ever heard French Montana was his single called Chopper Chopper Down”Remix featuring Rick Ross And Wiz Khalifa. This song was a straight banger for real. If have never seen the video for this song, I am going to post it below. Chopper Chopper Down has over 2 million views on You Tube. View Chopper Chopper Down video below.

French Montana: Sanctuary Is A Certified Hit

In this song Sanctuary by French Montana. He talks about his life and his family. Gowning up in New York has it pro’s and con’s. Which French always talks about in his music. French Montana is signed to Bad Boy records and his new album is executive produced by Mayback Music CEO Rick Ross. truth me when I tell you, French Montana is in good hands with the people he his supporting him. French Montana has also worked with Lil Wayne, Rick Ross, Meek Mill, Wale, MGK, and a lot more major artist with in the hip hop industry.

French Montana: Do You Want To Hear Sanctuary

The Sanctary by French Montana was produced by Black Metaphor. The video for this song was just released a couple of days ago. So you are going to get see it right now. Please enjoy this video below.

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