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Was Rick Ross Shooting A “Hoax?”


In light of the Beyonce Lip Syncing (Singing) controversy and the Manti Te’o “Catfish” hoax, the next question in recent history of hoaxes comes the latest…was the Rick Ross shooting a hoax? Well at least one person thinks so; 50 Cent has gone public saying the Rick Ross shooting was staged. 

Early Monday morning, Fort Lauderdale Police and some witnesses said that a Rolls Royce containing Rick Ross and his girlfriend, Shateria Moragne-el, were fired upon from which Fort Lauderdale law enforcement officials said were from an automatic rifle. The alleged incident left Rick Ross evading shots then driving his car into a Fort Lauderdale apartment building Foregoing the obvious of the Maybach music star riding in a Rolls Royce and not a Maybach, why would 50 Cent say this incident was staged? 50 Cent tweeted: “Hahaha fat boy hit the building? lol it looks staged to me. No hole’s in da car” 

This is an accurate statement tweeted by 50, at least according to Fort Lauderdale police, “‘dozens’ of shots were fired at the vehicle, none of which hit the Rolls Royce.” There were a barrage of bullets which several buildings in the area were struck by gunfire, including a local diner which one of the bullets perforated the front window. 

Now 50 Cent does in public what many do in secret; he pokes the hornet’s nest and says what’s on his mind, playing “devil’s advocate.” 50 Cent raised a valid question: How do you shoot at a car that big with an automatic rifle and miss completely? Not one bullet hole in the car; not one? The premise may stem from the various “fibs” Rick Ross has been associated with and the repeated criticism that his résumé lacked the kind of “street cred” he raps about. Many believe of Rick Ross that if he lies about the shit he never did in his lyrics, why wouldn’t he lie about this to “beef” up his street cred!??! Like 50 Cent, the real ‘Freeway’ Ricky Ross also took to twitter, tweeting: “I don’t wish this upon no man. Reality is when u claim 2 live that life & ppl know that you are faking. They are going 2 test u. reality.”

Are we headed for a Hip-Hop Manti Te’o level hoax? Well we will find out soon enough; police are still investigating and are in the process of gathering surveillance footage from the scene of the crash. Luckily no one was injured in the incident. 


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